Do you Need to Close Your Commercial Loan by Year – End?

This is an article from one of our favorite Commercial Lenders

As year-end nears, it is hard to believe but there is not that much time left to close loans for this year! There are only a few weeks left in the year to close loans….many times December is useless for many banks. In the world of commercial lending, if you are not already near the end of the process of your loan,it is likely they will struggle to close you by year-end. But with our alternative and private money options, you can close your loan by year-end and get the money you need to capture opportunities.We just closed a $1,035,000 private money loan to get a client some quick cash for an acquisition opportunity that had a tremendous upside, we closed the loan in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS! We also closed a SECOND MORTGAGE on an apartment in Austin to get fast cash in 5 DAYS. One of the beautiful things about our fund is that you can use the cash out however you want. And while bridge money can be used for everything from buying vacant buildings and getting the rehab cash to fix it up and make big profits or paying off my good friends at the IRS, the most important thing about private money is the time frame-less than 30 days to close.

So whether you need to close quickly to capture a foreclosed property, you need quick cash to get your business back on track or whatever the reason, our fund was created for you.  We are ACTIVELY seeking a few more loans to round out a successful year.

Wishing You the Best,Karen Schimpf
Commercial Capital, Ltd.
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