Community Solar in illinois

Community Solar For Illinois

We recently had an inquiry from a client asking if installing Solar Panels on his property was worth it. He was getting frustrated with the information he was receiving from contractors.

During his research on solar for his primary residence, a two-unit with a flat roof and almost no shade, he found through COMED and some google searches that there are tax incentives for installing solar, and all he needed was to find a contractor to give an estimate. He wanted to understand the pros and cons of solar installers/contractors. He plans on staying in his primary residence long-term, at least 10 years so he wasn’t looking for a quick fix. When responding to solar ads and letting the vendors know he lived in a multi-unit they couldn’t help him. It appeared most of the vendors were targeting single-family units. Some vendors said they could help but it depends on building height restrictions and the angle of the solar panels.

He was fairly frustrated when we spoke. We recommended that he explore  Solar For Landlords and see if he could position his property to participate in then see if you can position yourself to participate in Community Solar for Illinois.

According to Solstice- Rooftop solar: Increases the value of the property and allows the bill-payer to save, but requires a substantial upfront investment (often more than $10,000). Not all properties make it easy to install solar: Many buildings, including multifamily homes and homes with shading and structural issues, are simply unable to pursue this option.

Community solar however is an Easy sign-up, with no installation costs or extra investment. The property’s electric bill still supports local, clean energy, and the bill payer still sees savings & it does not increase property valuation or taxes. It’s a Win Win.

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